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released April 2, 2013

Produced by Jonathan Low.
Engineered and mixed by Jonathan Low at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia, PA
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe at The Maniac Mansion in Philadelphia, PA.



all rights reserved


Restorations Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hi, we're a band.

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Track Name: D
I always looked at the clouds like continents
Watched the cities shift around
They don't look as far or as fast from here

I always thought of the cities like people
All wrapped up in volume and grey
Finding symmetry in the disarray

Would you look at them all lined up upon
All the telephone wires at dawn
Some sick grins sit on those old crows

I have no interest in that kind of competition

Wild eyes to the stars at night
Hoping for some chance to arrive
To find out its been there the whole time
Track Name: Let's Blow Up The Sun
I've been cruel and unkind and on purpose
Remorseful and insincere
Longing for the luxury of boredom
Weeping for the loss of control

Sitting with the sly sloganeering
Saving you a seat
When I met you, I felt on time
I felt organized

That year it stayed so warm I thought I'd never see snow

With a sharp click we're fluorescent
Walk twelve miles and then wake up
Work twelve hours and then wake up
Some days I don't make it

That year it stayed so cold
I thought I'd never see spring
Then it stayed so warm
I thought I'd never see snow

You can hear it next door
That low, lone rumble
You can hear it next door
Someone's laughing
Maybe crying
Maybe both

Constant reminder on all sides
These walls are not mine
Skin is cold sand
Breath is turpentine

That year it stayed so loud
Thought I'd never be found

I don't mind a little repetition
I don't mind the settling in
The creaking clanging steel of my friends
Shouting on the inside

Even-keeled forever
I thought I'd never
Track Name: Civil Inattention
Saw a man spewing tar from his mouth
As fast as he was shaking he was gone
The kind of language that lingers behind
The kind of thing that sticks with you

I am no longer scared
I am terrified all the time

He says "I just want to work my job and come home.
Please leave me alone."
"I just want to work my job and come home.
Don't you understand?"
While we were watching mountains changing color
Cars melt into the sea
As it all went dark

And I am no longer scared
I am terrified all the time

Until all you see are signs of things you wish were true

For every double take
Track Name: Kind Of Comfort
My folks haven't spoke since the day I was born
Some kind of American dream
Finding a cold kind of comfort in the consistency that brings
I liked the part where they said its been done before
Maybe we could do it again
I am a sputtering furnace
Some days I'm no match

Yeah, I've been broken down before
Like they say
Nothing lost
Nothing found

Makes me wish I could stay
We could wait out the rain
Never perfect
Never bored
Track Name: In Perpetuity Throughout The Universe
She says "I'm a real person, aren't I?"
She points and she waves as I stumble
And collapses into dust

There's frantic waving outside under each street light
Says they're waiting to get picked up
And point up

I'll take my time
Watch the patterns pass down

As I sit and watch
Off the swinging porch of an old twin colonial
Memory forever

As one's mind crawls southbound down the east coast
Flies through the high grass

As you appear and then reappear
And then reappear

I'll take my time
Watch the patterns pass down
Track Name: New Old
Enough of the old-times eyes
Enough of the same old reprise
So ugly
So tired
So bored
So true
I don't know what do with you
Now number three on the side has been giving me the eye
Like somehow I'm the one who's crossed the line
And you?
Your songs write themselves
And you?
You're no better

You know, this place will wear you down
Ain't much left to do but wait for some good news
You in the corner shaking just staring at your phone
Singing "I gotta get outta here. I gotta go home."

I'm trapped in a sea of debris
I am five
I am fifty
I am fifteen
She spins around and says "so, what's your theme?"
Says she wants to know what is it I mean
To maintain a distance I no longer occupy
The ongoing joke I continue to choke down
Track Name: Quit
"Well anyway" he says
As he stands up
"I never liked it here"
Pours his last cup out
"They don't know where I came from.
They don't know where I gotta go.
If its all about numbers - they can count me out"

He says "I'll see you soon"
As he stands up
He says "I'll see you soon"
As he goes

In the new paradigm
We don't have these existential nights
He said "Don't worry about it.
Because it don't worry about you."

Thought I saw you in Tampa
Thought I saw you in St. Louis
Thought I saw you in LA
Thought I saw you in Toulouse
Thought I saw you in Gainesville
Thought I saw you in Lansing
Thought I saw you in Montreal
Thought I saw you in Charlotte

I'll see you soon
Track Name: The Plan
Losing friends in the name of The Plan
'99, '06, and '10
Hoping to find some kind of forgiveness

She says "Look at these kids in their fancy clothes!
They got nothing to show.
Nowhere to go."
Some days, we'd follow them for miles
Don't got time for all these positive assertions
Don't got time to read or write
Got enough to do just to keep the roof on

In these stacks and rows
We've got a long way to go

Chalk it up to common confusion
Missing the point entirely
I was listening to Bob Seger
While you were listening to Pete
With a wry smile she says to me
"Well, which side are you on?"

Oh, to be here at all

I think I heard you singing outside
6:30 in the morning
While my heads still spinning
And the middle of the streets blaring
While I'm picking up the pieces
Standing on the edge of the storm
Track Name: Adventure Tortoise
I'd really like to stay
But to hell with this place
My block starts playing the same song
Every day after 5:00
I wanna breathe some real disaster
The way that they write it:
Doubt in the last mile
Open-window sun shower

Where nobody knows your name
Where nobody's heard of your town

And she asks me how I'm doing
Said I've been thinking about the caves
How the music went on forever
You know, I haven't stopped humming your songs
Sometimes I get the fear
And by "get" I mean "understand"
When I walk down Columbia to the river
Some days I wanna fall right in
I'm ready for the water
I'm ready for the sea
I'm ready for the giant arms coming to take me