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Wales 04:17
Threw my keys into the desert / Kicked a hole in the side of the car / Ate a half cup of sand and fell asleep / Woke up clutching an origami list of things I thought I’d never need / Slowly crumbled it up / Slowly crumbled / They’ll dig you up / They’ll set you free / What speaks to me: How its all connected / Give me the screen / Give me the glowing coals / I love these protest songs but who can afford to go see them be sung?
Condemned to be forever unable to give this stupid thing the time that it deserves / I heard a proud few when the windows were gone / All singing the same time to separate songs / Bathed in blue fabric / Ablaze in the western sky / Nine arms-length airport arrival snapshots / You said you worry about me leaving / 
I fear I’m already gone / Flat tire in the rain on a late last-call train / You said you’re sympathetic to some mumbled / movement / All singing the same time to separate songs / Imagine that focus in real life / Imagine going outside / Imagine not waiting for something to come along / Imagine that focus in real life / Imagine going outside to hear the sweet sound of separate songs / Your forehead up against the frozen subway glass / The neon “next stop” light blinks “maybe next year”
Misprint 04:57
Nostalgia by a fake name / The time it takes to put these things away / Tell me what’s been digging at you / This city’s so quiet some nights / Weaving between these sleeping signs / Front page snug in its corner home / Newsprint photo of a faded face I thought I’d known / This city’s so quiet some nights / There’s this low hum on our closed-circuit timeline / There’s this low hum of the things we left behind
Tiny Prayers 04:30
Fifth snow-covered Tuesday in so many weeks / Check the mail for the sixth or seventh time today / Fold this mighty newspaper over and over / Anxiety quelled by underline / Tiny prayers to the coffee cups scattered all across my house / My only measure of time / In whose world do these accolades matter? / I guess not mine / My slow world spins the same / Fully consumed with what my grandparents used to do / A contact high / Method acting / Scatted like ashes / Scattered like my old homes / Scattered like stars / After all that what did you expect to see / Yell until you’re blind and /or all out of money / Twenty-five Strummers and too many Ramones / Like there’s no place left to go / I don’t know what’s worse / No opinion or no thirst / Or how I can’t find a better use for my time
All My Home 04:33
Spent far too much time this year hunting down wires in the tourist bar / To ask you how your wedding went / To ask you if you’ve seen the time / Spent far too much time this year finding freinds’ recovery rooms / Scouring old photo books / All hurled stones / Doesn’t seem so old / Doesn’t seem so far away / Watched that truck spin around for what must have been hours / A thousand highway days wide awake and aware / These unfamiliar things we’ll call our own / I will make it all my home
The things we’d trade in some strangers’ basements / The things we’d trade with the boats on the foreign shores / But it bites back / It doesn’t care at all / If I looked up, this would be your ceiling / I wanted to go home / Now I just want to go back / Side stage / Off in the corner / We hit it off / And by “hit it off” I mean / I was staring at the floor / I was trembling like a child / You’ll break down today / You’ll break down tomorrow / Now its me and the cabbie idling downtown / Wind whips between the buildings as we whistle along / Electricity, leave me be
No Castle 03:43
Held together by leather and cracked paint / Monuments to all our mistakes / The likely plot jitters as its writing you out / And still you’re dancing upside down / We were outside / Maybe late July / Spilling rent on a place I couldn’t stay / We were outside / Maybe out of our minds / Learning new names for all / Don’t worry / Give it time / Wait around until we’re someone else / I have lived here long enough to watch specters and dust form / I have lived here long enough to feel the volume turning up
The Future 04:23
When I heard it climb out of your mouth / I knew it like my own name / Like my home address / Such sweet distraction / Silent, frozen glass river / Tiny helicopters flying low over my house / Cackling slow / I know its been wild for a while now / But the things they say on TV / That ain’t me / I always liked you because you talk about the future / So, what do you do with your free time? What ghosts go through you? And me? I sit inside / I sit inside and freak out about money and time / I always liked you because you talk about the future / I always liked you / Never had a future before / History cuts clean / So, where you headed? So, where you going?
It's Not 06:47
What was that song that was flying through the air / Something about miracles and long distance / To know the names of rooms you’ve never been in / Statistically fitter / Practical paranoia / These old grey ghosts won’t leave me alone / Won’t stop picking at me / Like they’ve got somewhere to be / Heard you’re the kind / High on The Great Divide / Heard you’re the kind they cheered on / These days I’m believing anything I’m hearing / These days I’m believing anything at all / You’ll always win because you’re loud / Formaldahyde holds the monsters on the top floor tank / The tired voice on the third floor lets out a long sigh / As the letter opener goes in / “You’re gonna miss me,” it says / In the black plaster nighttime / “You’re gonna miss me,” it says / As it blocks out the sun


released October 27, 2014

Carlin Brown: Drums/Percussion
David Klyman: Guitars/Vocals
Jon Loudon: Guitars/Lead Vocals
Ben Pierce: Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
Dan Zimmerman: Bass/Vocals

Additional keyboards by Jonathan Low

Brass arranged and performed by Benjamin Lanz on "Misprint", "All My Home", and "The Future"

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jonathan Low at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia, PA.
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe at The Maniac Mansion in Philadelphia, PA.

Cover artwork: "The Trickster" by Danielle Spradley -


all rights reserved



Restorations Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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